Our Story

Behind the brand

I was inspired to start SPIRITOLOGIE because I studied and worked in the luxury fashion industry and witnessed first hand the un-sustainable and un-ethical practices and the way that profits were squeezed out of every last step of development and production.
The bags themselves came about because I love Morocco and the Moroccan culture, and getting lost in the medina. 

This is how I discovered the bags, on one of my many journeys into the medina, talking to local people and being curious. I ended up in a warehouse full of cushions and it just felt like an Aladdin's cave. I was so excited and immersed, and didn't instantly think about selling them, but knew I had an immense desire to show the world the tradition and craftsmanship in these items.
In Morocco, there is actually a huge upcycling culture, which happens not due to trends but necessity and real creativity. It's extremely beautiful, and I think worth much more than money to the world. We can all learn from some of the practices in Morocco, as well as the true craftsmanship and attention to detail.
People take the time to make a cushion, and then it takes pride of place in their home. When they are finished with it, we make a bag.

"Then it travels the world and becomes a talking point for sustainability, Moroccan culture, craftsmanship and sheer creativity"

This is what has happened for me when I carry one of these bags, and it is my vision for them. They look incredibly unique and are a talking point that people are attracted to. I have yet to carry one without people asking me what it is and where it came from! 

Moroccan culture